Collaborate to Create GREATNESS …TORA DC…Part 1 “The Opportunity”


Stephanie White Events and Taste of the Runway Washington, DC July 17, 2016!  *My 1st experience was a GREAT experience!!*

Back in April of this year, after a very successful March  Bridal Expo & Fashion Show, I was approached by the Producer of Taste of the Runway.  I was asked if I was interested in being a sponsor of the bridal suite for their Taste of the Runway Washington, DC show in July 2016.  After a nice lengthy conversation about the elements of the show with the producer, I knew that this was not an opportunity that I should miss!  This opportunity to me felt like an opportunity that would take my business, Stephanie White Events to the next level!  So without a doubt I said YES to this great opportunity!

In all the years of planning events I have never worked in the capacity to where I  collaborated on an event for another organization, this was new to me but also very exciting!!

My job as the Sponsor for the Taste of the Runway BRIDAL SUITE was to bring together Wedding Vendors for this event.  It was my job to create and bring the space to life!  I brought in 7 of my PREFERRED VENDORS for this event!  Breasia Productions, Creative Floral Designs, Cherry Blossom Bridal, Cup Cakes On My Mind, The Napoleon Complex Project, Camillion Event Rentals and Plant Farm Rentals!   I was very excited and pleased when I began to see all of my hard work come together for this event.  The PINK event lighting from Breasia Productions helped bring the space to LIFE!  The pipes and drapes helped create the type of BRIDAL SUITE space I had envisioned.  Not only was the producer of the show content with the outcome of the Bridal Suite, but the guests were also very impressed with the suite.  After it was all said and done, I was amazed by the responses that I received from the Bridal Suite!  I connected with a lot of wonderful new vendors and contacts.  I can say that working with this organization was definitely a great experience for me!


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