Collaborate to Create GREATNESS …TORA DC…Part 3…



When opportunity knocks you have to know when to move or when to BE STILL.  I ran when this opportunity came!  I saw it as an opportunity for me to market myself and to network and meet new people and contacts.  Over the years I have basically worked “SOLO” on my projects and events, hiring and bringing on help as needed, so to be working side-by-side with another entity was great!  I never thought in a MILLION YEARS, that I would be working with the multitude of people and business owners that I was privileged to work with on this event.  The experience was  ASTRONOMICAL!!!

The Taste of the Runway Washington DC had a multitude of GREAT TALENT.  This event incorporated everything from great designers, great fashion, awesome models, delicious food, great vendors, good music, an AWESOME show producer and a EXCELLENT Fashion Show Coordinator!!   The TORA DC show had an amazing host of Special Guests; BRAVO’s Real Housewives of Potomac’s Gizelle Bryant, Comedian & Actor Rodney Perry and DC’s own Style Speaks Fashion blogger Ronald Byrd.

To feel the energy of this event you would had to have been there!  Located in the Nation’s Capital, TORA DC brings to our Nation’s Capital a Multitude of FLAVOR and I am sure that it will be around for a long time!  For more on Stephanie White Events check out our site at


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