Wedding Planner heads Oversees for Wedding Day Preparation..


(Part 1….Trip & Site Visit Preparation)

Before the BIG DAY, it’s always important that the Wedding Planner plans and coordinates a SITE VISIT to the Ceremony & Reception site of the Wedding and if possible to any of the surrounding locations, where guests will reside during their stay.

When planning for a Destination Wedding Site Visit overseas, there are 3 things that you need to do in order to have a successful Site Visit Trip!  Item #1 the Planner must not leave home without their PASSPORT.  A passport will grant you access to the destination wedding location overseas and will grant you access back into the country in which you reside.  Be sure to put your PASSPORT in a safe place where you can access it easily, throughout your trip.

Item #2 The Wedding Planner needs to book their flight or have their client book their flight for the trip.  Keep in mind your site visit plans and appointments, making sure that your flight arrives way before your site visit itinerary begins.   Also it is important that transportation to and from the Airport and Resort are taking care of as well.

Item #3 The Wedding Planner needs to be in touch with the Wedding Venue way before the Planner’s arrival for the site visit.  The Wedding Planner needs to put together a complete check list of items that will need to be checked out and seen prior to the Wedding Day event.  This check list should be thorough and NO DETAIL should be left untouched.  See list below for IMPORTANT Site Visit Check List items!

  • Ceremony Site
  • Reception Site
  • Cocktail Hour Site
  • Wedding Photo Site
  • Bridal Suite/Waiting area for Bride and bridesmaids prior to wedding
  • Waiting Area for Groom and Groomsmen prior to wedding
  • Area to store personals for Wedding
  • Wedding Rehearsal location (may differ from ceremony location)
  •  Rehearsal Dinner location for after Wedding Rehearsal
  • See guests rooms & other resort accommodations
  • Check out options for Wedding Day Florist
  • Check out options for Wedding Cakes for Wedding
  • Check out options for Wedding Day Photographer
  • Check out the centerpiece options for the wedding reception and cocktail hour

Any other items that you feel may be important to your Client’s Wedding Day can be added to this list!!

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