Wedding Planner Heads Overseas for Wedding Day Preparation PART 2…..


On Thursday, January 5, 2017 I left the United States at 9am, for the start of my trip to Jamaica for the site visit to the resort for my client’s 2017 Destination Wedding! I arrived in Montego Bay Jamaica at about 1:30pm.  When I arrived the first thing I felt after getting off the plane was the warm air!  Here in the US, everyone was preparing for a snow storm and here I was in Jamaica were the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!


After we arrived to the resort I almost immediately went to work, introducing myself to the staff, etc.  I also got to meet the Groom for the first time!  It was lovely seeing my clients together.  They looked like to kids in love.


Prior to arriving to Jamaica, I had already contacted the resort and a meeting was set to begin the next day with the Manager of the property.  The Piper’s Cove Resort was beautiful!!  The resort is a family owned business, a little different from an All-Inclusive resort.  It was like being on a mini retreat.  The staff was very attentive and the food that the resort prepared for me was delicious.  Rice & Peas, Jerk Chicken, Curry Shrimp & Curry Goat, you name it and they fixed it!  I was very impressed with all the food selection for the meals.


On the date of the meeting and official site visit, I met with the manager of the Resort that afternoon and we began work on the Brown & Davis Destination Wedding!  With this destination wedding all vendors except the catering company had to be brought onto the resort.  The Officiant, the florist, the cake vendor, the music and the decoration, if you wanted more than what the resort had to offer.

After we looked at the ceremony and reception space for the wedding, I was then able to get all the vendor contacts from the Manager that I would need to carry out the Brown and Davis Wedding!  I was able to get in contact with the officiant to perform the wedding ceremony, the Cake vendor to make the wedding cake, the florist to provide flowers for the bride & groom and floral arrangements for the reception and the DJ to provide music for the event.  To my surprise, I was able to set up a “Cake Tasting”  for my clients and myself with the cake vendor prior to leaving Jamaica.  Every vendor had been contacted and we were all set!!

As a wedding planner, I know that it is important to make sure that certain vendors are in place months and days prior to the wedding taking place and I wanted to insure that prior to me leaving Jamaica, all vendors for this wedding were accounted for.

With planning this destination wedding I knew that I needed to get a Travel Agent on board to take care of the guests that plan to attend the wedding.  My client wanted to insure that her guests received the best experience possible!

I left the country of Jamaica feeling much better than I did when I arrived.  I was able to take care of the wedding plans for my client’s destination wedding and I was also able to get a little relaxation in by the pool.  Come July 15, 2017, we will be back in Jamaica for the Brown & Davis Wedding!


Stephanie White

Your Wedding Planner Guru





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